Help on the road

Help on the road
When on-site repairs are not possible or if your vehicle is immobilized due to severe damage, you can rely on us to get your vehicle safely transported to the nearest authorized workshop, garage or service station. Our qualified technicians with help your vehicle be towed in our reliable flat-bed tow truck.

Whatever the reason that you need our help, you can be assured of a superb service. From breakdown recovery to plant transportation, our expert teams will be able to advise on what you need, and then arrange for it to happen for you quickly and efficiently. We also have a huge selection of specialized trucks, trailers, and equipment to cater to the towing and transportation of cars, trucks, buses, forklifts and equipment on or off road.

 Our “Forklifts” can get in under 2 meters – for underground car parking recovery.
 Our “Tail-lift” tow trucks can also go into low underground car parks to recover vehicles.
 Our “Full-Down Slidebacks” can lift and carry any ultra-low sport and racing cars.
 AND our range of “Low-Bed Ro-Ro Trailers” can carry any cargo which requires maximum clearance i.e Low bridges, overhead cables, low buildings etc. These trailers are the lowest in Dubai.
 Our “Boom-Loaders” can lift and carry most vehicles off the ground and relocate to any location required, on or off-road.
 Our HiAb “Knuckle” crane can lift and transport any burnt out vehicles, immobile 4×4’s etc from any desert location.
 Our various vehicle “Lifting Frames” enable damage free lifting of cars into/onto awkward sites.
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